Plan C: Now What?

Session 3: Nourishing Our Educators: Emotional Self-Care in Tumultuous Times

What is The Feeling Friends?

The Feeling Friends is a Social Emotional Learning program that teaches children to identify, express, and manage their feelings.

The foundation of The Feeling Friends is LOVE is the most important Feeling!

It is in this LOVE that children Grow Emotionally Stronger!

Meet the Moderator

Hi, my name is Karen Cuthrell and I am the founder of The Feelings Company, a cutting-edge educational company that creates tools for educators to teach children emotional intelligence at and early age. Our mission is to grow children emotionally stronger. I am an entrepreneur, educator, author, researcher and creator of The Feeling Friends Educational Kit, an engaging and all-inclusive educational kit that gives educators the tools to make sure that early learners have the foundation to become emotionally successful. I am the CEO (Chief Emotions Officer) and I am responsible for running the day-to-day operations of The Feelings Company. My passion is creating and teaching everyone that I meet that LOVE is the most important feeling!