VISION: A think-and-do tank led by families of students attending Title I schools in the WS/FCS district where families coalesce with community partners to support family engagement efforts and influence district leadership to ensure equity for all students.

MISSION: To collaborate on and influence policy decisions within the WS/FCS district that foster equity in education through the use of the "Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child" model, while positioning principals as community leaders to help empower families, as stakeholders in education, to advocate on behalf of all students.


  • AGENCY: Community driven and principal led. Families should feel empowered to engage with their child's school community in addition to advocating for and advancing equity for all students.

  • COMMUNICATION: Providing a safe space for families to interact and connect with each other to discuss critical issues in the district and community and work to solve those issues together.

  • INFORMATION: Families and community members may utilize the organization for resources and information regarding all aspects of the school system and community, with a specific focus on principals of Title I & Inspire 340 schools.


  • Visionary Board: Will consist of family members of students attending INSPIRE340 schools, one representative from each Elementary school. From these representatives, co-chairs of the board will be elected to lead initiatives.

  • Advisory Panel: Will collaborate with the board on advocacy work and provide guidance when needed. One representative from each organization will serve on the panel as subject matter experts.

  • Principal Leadership: Serving as community leaders, principals will recruit board members from their respective schools and communicate with the board about programs and policies. They will work to address systemic issues through collaboration and inclusion of all stakeholders in the process.