Plan C: Now What?

Session 2: Round Table Discussion with Black Educators

One thing we often don't take time to do is listen to Black Educators. We're looking forward to hearing what our educators have to say and their mindsets laced with Equity.

Meet the Moderator

DaKisha Payne Williams

DaKisha Payne Williams has been in the educational field since 1999 primarily as a classroom teacher and instructor. She holds educational degrees from Winston-Salem State University (BS), University of Phoenix (MA.Ed) and High Point University (M.Ed) and has conducted several professional development trainings and workshops throughout the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School system. She recently earned her principal license and is preparing to enter the administrative side of the profession.

The North Carolinian transplant works to be a part of the spaces where her voice and the voices of those like hers is acknowledged respected and considered essential in an effort to shift the entire educational atmosphere.