Childcare Options

We know many parents in the community are worried about where their kids will be during school hours since they work and schools are virtual this year.

We hope this list will be a resource to you as you look for options for your children, please feel free to submit other options in the link below to help other families in our district.

Plan C Community Childcare and Remote Learning Support Options

This is a community generated list of options for students who need childcare and supervised remote learning support in Forsyth County, NC. Please complete as many fields as you are able. You can add additional information in the comments section at the end.

Thank you for supporting our children and our community during this time.

Note: This is a community generated list. Parent Power, nor any of the affiliated agencies can vouch for background checks or credentials of the above agencies.

We urge parents to visit these sites and make decisions that are best for their children and families.