Plan C: Now What?

Session 1: A Family Chat with WS/FCS Superintendent, Dr. Angela Pringle-Hairston

If you're like many families in our school district we're sure you're wondering... "Plan C. OK, now what?"

Join us Thursday, July 30th for an overview and open discussion and Q&A with Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Superintendent, Dr. Angela Pringle-Hairston to get down to the nitty-gritty of Virtual Learning

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Angela Pringle-Hairston

Dr. Angela P. Hairston was hired in August 2019 to be the seventh superintendent of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. Hairston was officially sworn in on September 3, 2019. She is the first African-American and second female to serve as WS/FCS Superintendent.

Upon her arrival, Hairston unveiled her entry plan. She calls it, "An organized process that enables a superintendent to establish relationships with internal and external stakeholders while gaining a deeper understanding of the district's strengths and challenges. Critical to the process are opportunities to listen to responses to key questions that reflect the history, norms, and practices that led to our current status. This is also an opportunity to learn more about expectations that may be used to chart a course forward that not only defines responsibility but also establishes accountability." She went on to say, "My hope is to implement key pieces of this plan within the first 90 days."

In talking about her new role, Hairston pointed out that, "I want to focus our energy on creating classrooms that are engaging centers of learning for ALL children, where highly effective and caring teachers hold high expectations based on understanding each student’s strengths. As we strive for academic excellence, I want to ensure that we support our students’ social, emotional and mental growth in order to facilitate the development of those skills and abilities necessary to navigate school and life. Student success in every classroom requires a student-centered approach to leadership in an inclusive school and classroom environment that inspires student learning and celebrates students accomplishments."

During her first days, Hairston also stressed that while ever role in the district is important, the principal’s role, above all others, is a pivotal component in developing and sustaining successful schools. "The school leader must have a deep understanding of his/her role in establishing a culture with a shared vision for teaching and learning where students are successful. I will guide our district office employees, parents, and community members to clearly understand our collective responsibility to support the schoolhouse. Our students are counting on all of us to own their success," she said.

In her entry plan, she talks about her goal to create a platform based on answering the many detailed questions outlined in the plan and her goal to identify solutions that are sustainable and build a stronger future for the community.

"I look forward to receiving input from members of the WS/FCS Board of Education, employees, parents, and community members as we develop a strategic direction that will cultivate crucial partnerships, improve relationships and trust, and promote collaboration. The emphasis of our work will be a shared vision, that Every Child Matters," she exclaimed.